Load PowerShell profiles for scheduled tasks script execution

I stumbled upon an interesting bug today. I tested some PowerShell scripts running from task scheduler on Windows Server 2012 R2 and everything executed fine. However, when I configured the scheduled task for daily execution and checked the log output the next day, the script had failed. None of the service account’s PowerShell profiles loaded and the functions I needed were unavailable. This was odd because I tested this entire process the day before, the only difference I could think of was that I was logged in interactively with that service account when I tested the scheduled task the day before.

Armed with this hunch of an assumption I went to the search engines and eventually found Microsoft hotfix 3133689.

So if you ever need to load PowerShell profiles for scheduled tasks, you are going to need that hotfix. Obviously there are much cleaner ways to do what I was trying to do. Additionally having profile dependencies in your scripts or allowing interactive sessions for your service accounts are both far from best practice.


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